Dueling with Dad

“I draw a picture for Dad. Dad draws a picture for me, and we both have to write an essay on our pictures in 10 minutes”. This collection includes 12 essays on topics such as legos, yo-yos, a bump on the table, pies and even ‘nothing’. Read it in your smartphone! The ebook is designed for small screen.

Download links: $0.99; 52 pages;
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Humpty Essay Humpty Essay
Nothing Topic Nothing Essay
cover Humpty Topic

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  1. Anirban says:

    This was recommended to me by a friend and I loved reading every bit of it and have shared with others too! There are lot of good things about this book – the idea itself is very cute, the stories are funny, and the simplistic manner in which it has all been expressed is more like musical duet than a duel. Kudos to the father-kid duo for this and look forward to hearing more on their “duels”.

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