Ambition (Vol.2)

In Ambition, the second book of the graphic novel based on Mahabharata, conflicts and alliances of ambitions take shape. The five brothers take on a roller coaster journey. The books is available in Kindle (Kindle US, Kindle India ). The first book of The Lilboox Mahabharata – Seeds of War , is already in iBooks,…

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Illustrated Lilavati makes math colorful – Indian Express Colourful mathematics for your smartphone – poetrywithmathematics blog


All you wanted to know about Durga, the Goddess of War, and Durga Puja. In 40 colorful panels we describe the story of Durga and Mahish-asura, Rama, and we learn about the layout and calendar of Durga Puja. Download links: FREE 40 pages;

The Illustrated Lilavati

In 1150 AD Bhaskaracharya wrote Lilavati – the book that served as the primer for Arithmetic and Geometry in India for many centuries. 

The Duties of a King

Arthashastra is an ancient Sanskrit treatise on statecraft, economic policy and military strategy. We present a small excerpt from this book, in an illustrated and light reading format.

Dueling with Dad

“I draw a picture for Dad. Dad draws a picture for me, and we both have to write an essay on our pictures in 10 minutes”.