The lilboox mission.

Our Principles.

Simple. A simple message binds all content.

Visual. A picture is worth thousand words.

Minimal. Communicate ideas, not bedazzle your senses.

Our Design Choices.

  • digital comic book format.
  • small panels, for easy reading in smartphones, and quick absorption.
  • a minimalist vector style for crisp and purposeful images.
  • use existing ebook apps, such as kindle, iBooks and google books.

The Lilboox Mahabharata: A Case Study.

  • Purposeful. Our 6 part series on Mahabharata focuses on two threads – the geopolitical context of the key kingdoms in early India, and the personal drives of the key characters.
  • Simple. Stories must contribute to our understanding of the key characters, or the key kingdoms. Many back stories, diversions and subplots have been removed, that makes this epic rich, but does not contribute to the purpose of our adaptation.
  • Authentic. Stories and details closely stick to the Critical Edition of the text, rather than some popular adaptations.
  • Visual Aids. Each character has unique visual traits, such as their style of hair, color of dress, and unique necklaces that help  the reader navigate this giant epic. The colors of each kingdom, the facades of each city, are unique.
  • Maps. There are many maps, but none with more information than what is needed to convey.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Daniel Michon says:

    Hi All,

    Are Volumes 3-6 of the Mahabharata out yet? I cannot find them.



  2. Vol. 3 is expected by end of this year. Sorry for the delay. This volume is turning out to be bigger.

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