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…It’s an interesting book, and the information pages add valuable context to explain, for example, why Bhāskara’s method of multiplication made more sense for someone working on a dust-board instead of on paper…

Monkeys leap from trees –

…There is a crisp economy in the words, which takes the attention to the visuals. This is where Somdip’s art moves to a different level altogether. The use of colors, the deliberate economy in the panels where needed, the angles, the lushness – everything seems to come together perfectly.

Is there a new way to present the Mahabharata? – Abhinav Agarwal

…Somdip’s Mahabharata uses a visual canvas to present the undercurrent of emotions, depth of characters, and a multi-cornered geopolitical context.

Retelling of Ancient Indian Scriptures –

poetrywithmathematics blog

This e-book contains 25 illustrated problems (and solutions); here is the first: One fifth … of a hive of bees …

Colourful mathematics for your smartphone – poetrywithmathematics blog

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